I'm Misha and I'm going to tell you something about travelling.

Most people travel on holiday, because they have a lot of free time. You can travel through your country or other country and get to know about the culture and habits. But travelling is not only a funny hobby. Some people travel as it is a part of their job, eg.when you're a delegate, hostess or a pilot. They all are always somewhere far away from their home. But I think that it is no problem for them because they've chosen their job by themselves and I think they must like travelling.

I like travelling, too, because I like meeting new people and discovering foreign countries. I guess travelling is like studying Geography at school but in a funnier way. Of course, it's more expensive especially when you travel to countries far away eg. over the sea, because you mostly travel by plane, bus or a ferry. Yes, travelling is expensive but on the other hand, you'll learn a lot about the world around you.



My name is Peter and my topic is travelling. Travelling is very popular. People all around the world travel for various reasons. One of them is tourism.

People want to see beautiful monuments of the world. Some people travel for business, political or cultural reasons. Lots of people like travelling because it's exciting, they can see new places, meet new people and make friends, eat something unusual.

There are many means of transport to choose from. Young people like hitch-hiking. SOme people go by car, airplane, train, bus or a motorcycle.

When we go abroad, we must have necessary documents. First of all, we must have a valid passport. Besides we must exchange money in the bank. When we go by train or when we fly, we must have tickets. We should speak foreign languages because it is important to understand other people.

Travelling has some disadvantages. It may be very dangerous. We can get also lost, or our money may be stolen. For some people travelling is expensive...