First, I would like to talk about summer and winter sports.We can do many sports in the summer. I go out with my friends and we walk or we ride on the bicycles or play tennis. We can also swim in the hall or in the river or lake. It is very funny. In the sea we can swim or play volleyball.

In the winter we can go to the mountains and we can ski or do snowboarding or go ice-skating. I love skiing because I think it's funny. I mostly ski with my family in the mountains. We can also play ice-hockey or we can go ski-jumping. However, I hate ice-hockey because it's boring for me. I only watch ice-hockey on TV.

We can also classify sports into outdoor and indoor. We can play basketball or floorball only indoor and ski or ride on the horses only outdoors. But athletics, volleyball or table tennis can be played both outdoors and indoors. I do athletics with Lucka twice a week.

In the summer I swim with my friends. We go to the lake or to the hall.Sometimes, my brother and I play football together. It's very funny for us.

There is a special event for all the people over the world - The Olympic Games. There are sportsmen from many different countries. We have summer and winter Olympic Games. They take place every four years. It's very thrilling whether our representatives win any medal. Last winter Olympic Games took place in Torino. We won the gold medal. Next Games are going to be held in London. I hope that we win some medal.