Our city

We live in Usti nad Labem, a large town in the North of the Czech republic. You can arrive here by train, by car, by bus, even by small plane.

What can you do in Usti ? You can go to the cinema, the theater or the museum. Concerning the sport, you can play football at the stadiums in the summer. You can also play tennis or golf and in the winter you can go ice-skating or play ice-hockey at the winter stadium. You can also go for a walk along the river Labe which runs through the city.

There are many historical sights where to take the tourists. You can show them the castle Strekov which was built in the middle ages. You can have coffee at the castle Vetruse where you can admire the view. There is a zoo where you can sponsore our animals. Walking in the city center is interesting because there are fountains at Mirove square.

You can have a look at Virgin Mary's Ascension Church with an inclined spire. Visitors like the nature here so you can take them for a trip. There are many parks in Usti where you can see beautiful statues. One of them is right in the city center. And your visit in our city can be ended up on a boat trip on the river.