English speaking countries


United Kingdom

First country which should be mentioned is Great Britain. It is located on the island in the Lamanche straits. It consists of 4 countries - England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. The capital of England is London, about 60 km from the coast. The head of England is the queen Elizabeth II. She has been ruling for more than 50 years. She lives in Buckingham palace. London is a cosmopolitan city where you can see many sights. A visit can be started at Trafalgar square where you can admire a statue of H. Nelson, a sailor who fought with Napoleon Bonaparte. The national gallery is just a few steps from here. London has many beautiful bridges, the most wonderful is Tower bridge.

Next to it you can visit an ancient prison-the Tower of London, where you can see the Crown Jewels. The river Thames runs through the city, too. England is famous for its universities located in Oxford and Cambridge. Many people all over the world know their famous writers like W.Shakespeare or G.B.Shaw, famous pop bands like the Beatles or the tennis game which has originally been invented in England. Interesting geographical feature is mount Ben Nevis - the highest mountain of Great Britan or the lake Loch Ness in Scotland famous for its mystic creature. You can come or leave this island with a ferry or if you have more money to spend through the tunnel.

United States of America

Another country where English is spoken is the USA. The capital of this country is Washington DC. The US president George W. Bush lives in this city and he works at a place called the White House. The first president was George Washington and there were only 13 states at the beginning. The USA is now a confederation of 50 individual states. There are many huge cities eg. New York is the biggest, Los Angeles or San Francisco. We can also admire the beauty of the nature - White Sands in Arizona, Death Valley in Nevada or Grand Canyon in Arizona. San Francisco is well known for its beautiful red bridge. We can also study famous universities - Harvard, Yale or Boston. Americans have some important dates in their history - eg. 4th July or 11th September when the terorrist attacked and destroyed two skyscrapers with planes. The USA is the world´s richest and most industrial country.



Australia can be found on the other side of the Globe. You can get there by plane and all travellers must have a visa. The head of this country is the queen Elizabeth II. Many cities can be found on the coasts because the inland is a desert. The capital is Canberra. Other great cities are Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or Darwin. Many visitors travel to a rock in the inland. The rock is called Uluru [or Ayers rock] and is about 318 m high in the flat surroundings. You can also swim or dive near the Great Coral Barrier. In Sydney you can visit Opera House. The Olympic Games took place in Sydney in 2000.