Future career

My name is Jessica Johnson and I would like to say something about my career. First of all I want to get to the grammar school and pass the leaving examination. I want to learn English very much there, because when I leave the school I´d like to continue at a university or study at some Canadian or American university. I want to learn French too, because this language is very important not only in Canada.

When I finish my studies I want to move to Montreal in Canada, because my big dream is to live abroad and I don´t like Czech republic very much.

I don´t know what I want to be yet. But I´d like to work abroad, work with people and I want to travel for sure. I´d like to see New York, California, Brazil and many other places. The work in film would entertain me, I would like to be a scriptwriter or a writer. I want to be famous but this dream may not come true. I don´t want to work in a factory or have a stereotype job. I want to join in the campaign "Make Poverty History". This campaign helps poor countries. And I´d like to help deadly ill children, too.

I don´t want to get married because perhaps people can´t enjoy the life to the full. That´s very boring. But I want to have two children. I want to have a good, nice, intelligent and a little rich guy ...

And when I am old I only want to have a rest ...


Future career II.

When I was a child, I wanted to be an astronaut or an animal, now I know that it's impossible. When I was a bit older, I wanted to be a doctor or a vet. I know that I want to study at a university.

Now I am at an elementary school and I am a student. However, this year I have to decide what I could do in the future and the whole rest of my life. I want to go to a high school in London. There's a pedagogical school there. I like children and I want to work with them. Sometimes I have a dream, too - become a flight attendant. I'd like to be an air hostess because I like travelling and languages, too. English is my favourite language and I want to use it every day in my work.


Future career III.

This school year I am going to finish the elementary school and I must decide where I will go after. Everyone says: You have good marks, you can go to any school without exams, so where's the problem? Yes, it's true but the problem is that I don't know what I want to do in the future and what school to choose.

I'm quite good at languages, so I could be a translator or I could work for a travel agency, because I like traveling. However, I am not sure whether it's the right job. I think that I finally choose a grammar school and I will have another four years to decide what I will do as an adult.

My dream is to be a professional athlete because I love athletics and I am quite good at it. But it's not for the whole life. I have to choose a reasonable job. Who knows, one day I can sit in an office at a computer or show the jungle to the tourists.