Our flat

My name is Judy and I should say something about my living. I live with my parents and my brother in a flat in the city of Usti nad Labem. We live on the sixth floor in a block of flats. Our flat is big. There are five rooms - a living room, bedroom, two children's rooms and a kitchen.

The living room is the biggest in our flat. There's some furniture where we have glasses and some other things. Next to it there is a TV with a stereo and a DVD player. Opposite the TV there is a big sofa with an armchair and a small table. We haven't got a carpet on the floor. In this room we usually watch TV, read newspaper or have a rest.

In the kitchen......... There's also a stove where my mum cooks the food and some cupboards and shelves with the dishes. Next to the kitchen we have a dining room. There is a big table with four chairs around. Here we eat our breakfast and dinner, and at the weekends our lunch, too.


I don't share my room with my brother. I spend most of my time in this room. I've got a desk here. It is near the door. At the desk there is a chair. On the walls I have some posters and pictures. Opposite my desk there is a bed. I always go to my room when I come from school. Here I listen to music, do my homework and sleep. My parents sleep in their bedroom where they have a big bed, a TV which is opposite to it. In our flat there is also a bathroom, a lavatory and a balcony.