My hobbies

2 years ago I started to play football. It is my great hobby. I go to the trainings on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We usually run and play with a ball. At the weekends we have matches. There we go by bus. We are a good team and we usually win the game. I sometimes go to see a match with my dad, or we watch it on TV.

Every Tuesday I go to the music school where I play the piano. My teacher says that I am good at it. I must practise every day and always at the weekends, if I am not at a football match. I have a little concert every 6 months for my parents and my family. In the future I want to be a football player or a musician.

If it's nice weather I ride a bicycle with my friends. We race and check who is the best. I also like playing games on the computer, watch films on DVD or going out with my friends, but football and the piano are my big hobbies.