My best friend

My name is Amy Christie and my best friend is called Peta. She's fourteen years old. She is about 157 cm tall. She's got light brown straight hair and blue eyes. She's slim. She likes wearing jeans and T-shirts. Her favourite colour is pink. She lives with her mum and brother in the city of Usti nad Labem in their house. She attends an elementary school. She's in year nine. Her favourite subject is Physics.

Her hobby is dancing. She dances in a local dance club with her friends. She also likes listening to music. Her favourite singer is Robbie Williams. We often go to discos. She doesn't play any musical instrument.

Her favourite food is pizza, we sometimes visit a nearby pizza-hut.And she hates mushrooms. She eats lunch at our dining hall.

She likes films, too. Her favourite kinds of films are horrors and comedies. We sometimes go to the cinema altogether. She has got a dog called Goody. She goes out with him every day.

I like her because she is very funny and crazy and she helps me with my problems.