I like animals. Some animals are very small, for example a mouse or a grasshopper - we cannot see some animals because they are really very small. Some are very big. The Blue whale is the largest animal in the world. Many animals are wild because they live free in the nature. Some are in danger and we must protect them. These animals live in the zoos where we can watch how they act - like in the nature.

Animals live in three different surroundings - fish, crocodiles or tortoises live in the water. Birds can fly - they spend most of their time in the air. And the rest lives on the land.

We keep or hunt some animals because they can give meat, fur, milk and we can make many various products we need in our life.

A specific kind of animals are pets. These are animals which we have at homes and which live with us. Many people have a dog or a cat and they go for a walk with them. Other people have a parrot, fish or a bunny. I'd like to have a dog but my parents don't let me have one.